One Voice Associates

Our Services

As experienced and dedicated cross-cultural professionals, we guarantee high quality and accurate documents. We gained first-hand knowledge of the diversity of the Spanish language and culture by living and working for years in Mexico , Central America, South America, Puerto Rico and Spain .

Let us do the final editing, in English and Spanish, before publication of your newsletter or Web page. We may even be able to do the writing from your notes!

Count on us for everything from simple rewriting and editing of documents to full preparation of articles based on information you provide.

We offer sight, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation to and from Spanish and English by a native Spanish speaker.

Our Services

One Voice Associates provides translation, interpreting and editing services for a variety of activities, among them:

  • Educational institutions and organizations
  • The news media
  • Websites and the Internet
  • Newsletters
  • Private and confidential correspondence
  • Legal and court documents
  • Workers Compensation
  • Police and legal depositions and documents
  • Medical care and social services
  • Immigration documents and interviews
  • University and school diplomas
  • Vital statistics documents
  • Human Resources


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