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Spanish-English Fluency for Seamless Communications

One Voice Associates LLC provides reliable, quality performance for your interpreting, translating, and training needs. We strive for excellence through individual attention, complying with deadlines and accepting early-deadline emergency assignments.


We offer seamless, one-voice communication between Spanish and English speakers. You can count on customer-oriented integrity, reliability, confidentiality, and a quick turnaround of translations.

  • Native speakers plus cultural immersion.

    By living and working in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and Spain, we have gained deep knowledge of cultural and language regionalisms of the Spanish language.

  • Defining Success

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    • Setting concrete goals
    • Taking care of your special needs
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Our Specialties

One Voice Associates LLC can assist you with interpretation, translation, and training in the following areas:

Interpretation modes

The rendering of the full and accurate meaning of speech from one language into another while the speaker is still talking. This requires the interpreter to listen, comprehend, translate, and reproduce a speaker’s message while the speaker continues to speak, typically lagging a matter of seconds behind the speaker communication. Delay is known as décalage (time lag), which is necessary to understand the original message and generate a target-language rendition of it.

The interpreter verbally conveys the interpretation of the original message into the target language after the speaker has paused. Note-taking is an essential tool for optimal performance during consecutive interpreting.

Conveying orally in one language the meaning of a text written in another language. It is a hybrid of translation and interpretation that requires the interpreter to first review the original written text, then render it orally into the other language.

Legal services and law enforcement

One Voice Associates LLC provides interpretation in varied court hearings and trials on criminal, civil and juvenile matters. We also facilitate legal interpreting for depositions, attorney-client meetings, and for law enforcement agencies.

Diplomatic interpreting services

Diplomatic interpreting is a very specialized field. It requires the same skills needed to interpret in other fields, plus other technical, cultural, ethical, and diplomatic knowledge and abilities that make communication possible at international organizations.


Simultaneous interpreter services at conferences, large seminars, lectures, training courses, meetings, presentations, and workshops.


Interpretation for interviews and hearings for individuals and families who have no knowledge of English or are in the process of learning it.

Job training programs

Interpretation for classroom-style training, mentoring, and structured programs.

School districts

• Registration and enrollment
• Grievance procedures and notices of school programs
• Parent handbooks
• Gifted and talented programs
• Student discipline, policies, and procedures
• Special education

Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and outpatient clinics

Health care organizations that receive Medicare, Medicaid or other sources of federal funds are required to provide oral interpreters and written translated documents. One Voice Associates LLC will assist you with a Health Care Certified Interpreter.

Community mental health centers

One Voice Associates LLC considers many factors for mental health interpreting, among them:

⦁ Emotions, Trauma, and Tragedy
⦁ Difficult or Unusual People
⦁ Danger and Control
⦁ Confidentiality

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our Services

  • Interpretation

    We are your bilingual voice, your seamless communication facilitator. We offer native-speaker sight, consecutive and simultaneous two-way interpretation between Spanish and English.

  • Translation

    We provide quality and accurate written translations by native speakers with first-hand knowledge of Spanish language regionalisms and diverse cultures.

  • Training

    One Voice Associates LLC also offers education and healthcare seminars, instruction, and workshops.

Committed to helping our clients succeed

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Trustworthiness

  • Excellence

Why Is One Voice Associates LLC For You?

  • Excellent Track Record

    Our firm has a proven track record of our past performance and achievements focused on our clients’ expectations for exceptional interpreting, translating, and training services.

  • Transparent Fees

    We stick to our estimates. No surprises. We keep our fees competitive to provide our customers the best service at reasonable prices.

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    Customer service and satisfaction defines our long-term relationships with our clients.

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Our Client's Reviews

Betzabé Turner is not only a world-class interpreter/translator, but she is also an exceptional teacher and highly effective mentor. Betzabé has trained more than 200 school district employees in the subtleties of interpretation in a school setting. Not only were our post training surveys of her job performance numerically some of the best we have ever seen, but also the optional comments section was filled with gushing praise.

  • Charlie Bauer

    ELL / Migrant Education Coordinator
    Southern Oregon Education Service District

...As a Certified Court Interpreter, Betzabé performs all her interpreting duties competently and with commitment and enthusiasm. She has demonstrated the ability to work under pressure and to plan and organize successfully to meet courtroom deadlines. Her close attention to detail has resulted in meticulous and accurate work. Her strong interpersonal and communications skills have allowed her to develop good working relationships with everyone she comes in contact with and clearly enjoys the “people” aspect of her job...

  • Starlyn B. White

    Former Court Operations Supervisor
    Oregon Judicial Department
    Jackson County Courts