Betzabé Turner is not only a world-class interpreter/translator, but she is also an exceptional teacher and highly effective mentor. Betzabé has trained more than 200 school district employees in the subtleties of interpretation in a school setting. Not only were our post training surveys of her job performance numerically some of the best we have ever seen, but also the optional comments section was filled with gushing praise. Here are a few samples:

  • The creative organization, responsibility and knowledge of the presenter were outstanding. She is an excellent presenter. I learned a variety of useful tools and techniques, as well as idioms, false cognates, SPED terminology.
  • The modeling of effective and correct interpreting methods and the incredible handouts for educational vocabulary and idioms are fabulous support tools. I would really like there to be more sessions. Thank you Betzabé!
  • The level of engagement was fabulous and fun! I learned that I need to believe in myself and have more self-confidence and that I can be capable of doing interpreting. The workshop gave me a set of skills to become a better interpreter. It also gave me more information about the importance of being an interpreter. I loved it.

We definitely want Betzabé back for lots more trainings!

Charlie Bauer
ELL / Migrant Education Coordinator
Southern Oregon Education Service District

…As a Certified Court Interpreter, Betzabé performs all her interpreting duties competently and with commitment and enthusiasm. She has demonstrated the ability to work under pressure and to plan and organize successfully to meet courtroom deadlines. Her close attention to detail has resulted in meticulous and accurate work. Her strong interpersonal and communications skills have allowed her to develop good working relationships with everyone she comes in contact with and clearly enjoys the “people” aspect of her job…

Starlyn B. White
Former Court Operations Supervisor
Oregon Judicial Department
Jackson County Courts

…I had cause to work with Ms. Turner a great deal in the past while defending an employment-related civil action filed in federal court. Between plaintiffs, defendants, and fact witnesses, I would estimate there were well over a dozen witnesses who needed to testify through a Spanish-language interpreter at deposition, trial, or both. Ms. Turner was consistently professional throughout discovery and trial, even when tensions were high between litigants and counsel, and when the subject matter was uncomfortable. In addition, I never had any reason to doubt the substantive quality of her translation.

Eric B. Mitton
Medford, OR

I have been a happy and satisfied One Voice Associates customer for more than 10 years. Professional translator Betzabe (Mina) Turner has continued to provide impeccable, accurate service—often under nearly impossible deadlines—that has enabled my organization to communicate effectively with a growing segment of our membership and the families they serve around the country. It is always a pleasure to work with Mina and I never hesitate to recommend One Voice to colleagues, because I know that satisfaction is guaranteed!

Angela Callahan
Deputy Director
Organization & Field Services American Federation of Teachers
Washington, DC